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Joshua Davies (JD)

Joshua Davies, also known as J and JD is a recent graduate of Birmingham City University and an award-winning filmmaker. 


With a First Class Bachelor of Science with Honours in Film Technology and Visual Effects degree, he is seeking fulfilling opportunities in the games, film, and software industries. Joshua has extensive experience in 3D Art, Animation, Visual Effects, Film Production, game development, photography, and graphic design.


He directed the award-winning short films "Mourning Cloak" and "OUTLIERS" under his independent production company, JD Imagery. He has received various awards and honours for his work in film, including Best Animated Film and Best Animation at various film festivals.


Growing up in South Wales, Joshua began his career at the age of fourteen as an independent graphic designer, Whilst studying at high school he created designs that were sold to a garment printing company. His designs were printed onto products sold to the public on a ‘Made To Oder’ production method.


Before, during and currently,  in his free time Joshua works freelance in the fields of photography, videography, and graphic design.


During his University studies, Joshua worked as an Augmented Reality Development Intern and 3D Artist Intern at Metail. After graduation, he became the Junior Technical 3D Artist at Metail. During his employment, he assisted in the development of their EcoShot product and augmented reality and e-try on projects including The Butterfly Effect collection by Forbes-listed, Valentin studio, which proceeded to be presented by Vogue Russia, MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK RUSSIA, L'OFFICIEL RUSSIA , Digital Fashion Week NYC, Extheral Conference and FASHIONABLE SENTENCE on 1TV. 


Joshua's skills include 3D Modeling, Environment Art, Unreal Engine, Directing, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Colour grading, Photogrammetry, and ZBrush.

His current goal is to work with a studio creating a project that will resonate with people. He aspires to be a part of creating someone's favourite thing.

Mourning Cloak

Director, Director of Photography, Writer, 3D Modeller, Texture Artist, Editor, Environment Artist, 3D Animator


Co-Director, Director of Photography, VFX Supervisor, Writer, Environment Artist, Compositor, Editor, Colouris


Junior Technical Artist

See CV for more (available upon request).


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